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Since having my 2 daughters, my life revolves around meeting their needs: social, emotional, physical, etc. My first thoughts are for them. What is best for them? What do they need? It was a year after having my second that I really felt the weight of my negative self esteem. Somehow, no matter what the situation, I felt that if I did something for myself, it wasn't a necessity, it could wait, I didn't really NEED this or that. If I did something for myself I felt guilty, that somehow in some way I could have done something to benefit my daughters instead of wasting it on something for me. I was constantly tired, in a bad mood, just negative overall. Finally, a friend with three daughters under age 5 tells me, "You have nothing to give if your well is empty. You need to refill your well". Body Back was my opportunity to fill my empty well. I HAD to take time for myself because my daughters deserve the best version of me, a positive role model, a woman that loves herself. Body Back gave me a routine, accountability, and encouragement to feel better about myself, that it IS good to take time for myself, that I CAN be a better mom by taking care of myself. In turn, my daughters will see someone they can venerate and want to emulate.

Thank you Body Back for helping me realize I am worth it.

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