Erica - Stroller Strides »

The best thing that I have done for myself and my kids, is join Stroller Strides of Fontana. I love that I can get an amazing workout, which challenges me physically, and my kids are safe by my side. It isn't just for me though, my kids get organized playgroups, field trips and friends for life! This group meets all of my families needs.


Alicia - Body Back »

Since having my 2 daughters, my life revolves around meeting their needs: social, emotional, physical, etc. My first thoughts are for them. What is best for them? What do they need? It was a year after having my second that I really felt the weight of my negative self esteem. Somehow, no matter what the situation, I felt that if I did something for myself, it wasn't a necessity, it could wait, I didn't really NEED this or that. If I did something for myself I felt guilty, that somehow in some way I could have done something to benefit my daughters instead of wasting it on something for me. I was constantly tired, in a bad mood, just negative overall. Finally, a friend with three daughters under age 5 tells me, "You have nothing to give if your well is empty. You need to refill your well". Body Back was my opportunity to fill my empty well. I HAD to take time for myself because my daughters deserve the best version of me, a positive role model, a woman that loves herself. Body Back gave me a routine, accountability, and encouragement to feel better about myself, that it IS good...


Amber - Stroller Strides »

I LOVE Stroller Strides! It is the best, all-around group that I could ever be a part of. It's not only a workout group, but also a mom's group where friendships are born and flourish as well as a playgroup for kiddos! I love the fact that I can workout with both of my kids and have a play date for them all before 11am!


Nyra - Body Back »

Mama wants her body back.....

Yes, I did get my body back and so much more! Since I started body back I have lost a total of 30 pounds! I actually weigh less than my pre-pregnancy weight and I'm down to a pants size I wore in high school! (13 years ago). The body back program taught me how to eat healthy, live healthy and exercise. I received encouragement, motivation and that extra push I needed to get to my fitness goals That i thought were out of reach! Thank you body back for giving me the strength to be strong, for making me a healthy woman, wife and most importantly mother!


Kat - Stroller Strides »

I enjoy stroller strides because it allows me to workout and still have my lil boy with me. It has become a part of our schedule that when we don't go Joey is running towards the door. Keeps both of us active and less time at home watchig tv . The play dates give him interaction with other kiddos and I'm hoping this will help him socialize :)


Erica - Body Back »

I'm addicted to Body Back of Fontana! I love the high intensity classes. I'm pushed to see that I'm capable of more than I realized and I'm actually having a fun time doing it. It isn't just a great workout though, the support I receive from the instructors and fellow group members really help me overcome many dieting and exercising dilemmas. It is a great sense of comradery.


Lindsay - Stroller Strides »

For the first time in my life I have committed myself to changing my lifestyle and getting fit, and I'm actually following through with it! I could not do that without Stroller Strides and all the support of these women that I have become friends with. The workouts are tough, and sometimes I feel like I just can't finish but when I do I feel so accomplished! I have a long way to go on my weight loss journey but when I look in the mirror I see results, I see muscles!!!! And that's a BIG deal to me!

I love that my kids are with me watching me be a good example for them while enjoying being outside and playing with other kids. That fact that this is a program that combines fitness, community, and friendship makes it unlike any other. I'm hooked, and I love it!!,

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